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Independent Structural Engineer
20+ years Experience
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Award Winning Creativity
Innovative Solutions
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Freedom for Imagination
Creative Design
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I'm a "future-ready" person who never shies away from the challenges, but run towards them with curious eyes and big smile. I'm a generalist who got his knowledge in the most specific fields of structural engineering. I'm an old fashioned engineer with paper and pencil who is an enthusiastic fan of innovation at the same time.

I'm a person who already can see and feel the flow of the forces in the structures, where most people see only complicated mathematical theories and equations. I already know that I can not find the answer for every problem in the books but I must conquer new horizons and expand them until  the solution shows itslef in its own beautiful simplicity.

I like getting lost in the mountains, sitting silent in the deserts, traveling around the world. But I am not an alpinist or world-traveler, I am only a wanderer without labels who loves the world and life. I like being engineer but I love giving something of myself to this Beautiful World even more.


to adapt innovative solutions
to be lead by new visions
to conquer new horizons
to face challenges


to constructive discussion
to visionary thoughts
to new perspective
to insane ideas


for carrying out duties with integrity
for making the world a better place
for transparent planning process
for keeping my promises

The best way to get to know somebody is to know what makes him happy :)

I am happy, if...

I can respond to challenges with unique solutions.
I can build structures for the people of future.
I can adapt to your needs with my creativity.
I can help you to identify the real problems.
I can share my knowledge and experience.
I can hear about your visions and dreams.
I can inspire you with my ingenuity.
I can make a better World with you.

I can give something of myself to this Beautiful World!